Formation Of New Branches

On Tuesday    03-03-2015 10:35:00

Procedures for Formation of New Branches

  1. There must be 5 promoters to start a Branch – all concerned must be the members of the Division. (Click here to download the form in .pdf format)
  2. A valid new Branch must have at least 50 new memberships, including 10 life members. It must ensure that 50% of the new members concerned are local residents or voters.
  3. Application could be made through the Division, State liaison Committee or directly to MCA HQ.
  4. Enquiries could be made directly to the HQ if there is no news received after 3 months of applications.
  5. All approved Branches must within 6 months, recruit at least 50 new members, including 10 life members as a minimum requirement. It must also ensure that 50% of the members recruited are local voters or residents to enable it to be duly registered with the Registrar of Societies. Otherwise, the Central Committee may delete the Branch concerned.
  6. All new Branches must comply with the provision that they must have 50% of their membership who are local residents or voters during their recruitment for new membership. This also applies to all existing Branches.

(All the above stated new procedures were duly adopted by the MCA Central Committee Meeting held on 31st October, 2005)