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Actively campaigning as if tomorrow is Voting Day, Pakatan strangely rejects GE15 to be held in the near future

On Tuesday    04-10-2022 07:52:00

3 October 2022

Press statement by MCA Central Committee Member Lau Chin Kok

Actively campaigning as if tomorrow is Voting Day, Pakatan strangely rejects GE15 to be held in the near future

Recent days have seen the 15th general elections (GE15) become a hot topic. The date as to when GE15 is to be held – be it at the end of this year, or next year, is of particular interest. Although Parliament has yet to be dissolved, nor has the Election Commission set the important dates for GE15, Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders are sparing no effort in hyping and spreading propaganda - accusing the federal government of not being concerned about the people’s plight in wanting to hold GE15 during the monsoon season when it floods.

In fact, there are also a handful of Opposition leaders who drag people down to the streets to stage protests, also using the same narrative - that the government does not care about the safety of people.

However, what is surprising is that most PH leaders are actively engaging in political campaign activities such as the Jelajah Trak Ayuh Malaysia and political campaigning on social media.

Every day without fail, there definitely will be reports on GE preparation by the opposition, especially PH such as discussions on seat distribution, logos to be used, candidates for the post of Prime Minister, and also Manifesto promises.

It is clear here that PH is 'smart' with its political strategy which is to blame the government that supposedly does not care about the interests of the rakyat. Even though there is still no announcement on the dissolution of Parliament, nor has EC decided the date to go to the polls), PH leaders are nevertheless actively campaigning to gather support as if ballots will be casted the next day.

To conclude, PH appears to be very determined to extinguish the memory of voters regarding PH’s failure during their term in office from May 2018 to February 2020. Despite voters having entrusted PH with the mandate last GE14, PH failed to deliver a good performance for the rakyat. The 22-months that PH was in power can be summed up as Malaysia returning to the Dark Ages!

-MCA online-

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