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Lynas - harmless according to Tun M, or harmful according to Wong Tack?

On Wednesday    06-11-2019 13:22:00

6 Nov 2019


Press statement by MCA Spokesperson Dato’ Leong Kim Soon


Lynas - harmless according to Tun M, or harmful according to Wong Tack?

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has revealed that the Lynas Advance Materials Plant “is not as dangerous as it was made out to be”. Thus, does it mean that doomsayer Wong Tack was a fraud all along? Or is it Mahathir’s tricks again?


During the recent 35th Asean Summit, Dr Mahathir again defended the Kuantan processing plant, claiming that Lynas was not as dangerous as they thought, while emphasising the lavish investment brought in by Lynas Corp. Meanwhile, Wong Tack and DAP had been publicising Lynas’ environmental hazards and its detrimental effects to human lives. Thus, was Wong Tack overzealous in creating fake news? Or is Mahathir lying for the sake of profits?


The Lynas then and now, is one and the same. Yet the same cannot be said of the Pakatan Harapan government, whose stand took a 180 turn, from being an environmental disaster to a so-so threat. Moreover, considering the extra incentives given by the PH government, Lynas is now allowed to not only continue operating, but also have its radioactive wastes kept on Malaysian ground with no time limit. Barisan Nasional had never agreed to such terms.


Besides, the PH government’s justification for Lynas’ continued operations being ‘huge investment opportunities’, is simply a despicable act of putting profits above the people’s welfare!


Before this, Wong Tack would still occasionally publish press statements to indicate his standpoint in the issue. Hence, the deafening silence we hear now can only be interpreted as his complete submission to the supreme leader Tun Dr Mahathir.


Dato’ Leong Kim Soon

MCA Spokesperson


-MCA Online-

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