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Congratulations & Terima Kasih for a job well done in defending Sabah’s sovereignty

On Wednesday    07-06-2023 17:02:00

7 June 2023

Press statement by Wanita MCA Sabah Chairperson and MCA Deputy Secretary General Datuk Dr Pamela Yong

Congratulations & Terima Kasih for a job well done in defending Sabah’s sovereignty

Wanita MCA Sabah conveys our heartiest congratulations to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Legal and and Institutional Reforms), YB Dato' Sri Azalina Othman, her team and the Special Secretariat on Sulu Claims for Malaysia’s firm victory against the preposterous claims by individual(s) claiming to be “heirs” of the defunct Sultanate of Sulu at the Paris Court of Appeal yesterday, 6 June 2023.

The court's decision to cancel the award of US$14.94 billion, or RM68.83 billion by the Paris Arbitration Court further strengthens the sovereignty of the state of Sabah, while highlighting the determination of the Unity Government to defend our nation’s rights and assets at the international arena.

As conveyed by Azalina in a press statement, the decision by the Paris Court of Appeal also means that “the Claimants cannot rely on the sham award in France for any purpose. The Paris Court of Appeal found that the arbitrator (Dr Gonzalo Stampa) wrongly upheld his jurisdiction."

It is hoped that the latest success will address the errors committed by the former government led by the seventh Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad where the then appointed Attorney General Tan Sri Tommy Thomas had indirectly "recognised" the demands by the so-called Sulu “heirs” when he officially responded to the legal counsel of the Sulu claimants back in 2019. This glaring mistake had created this present problem for Malaysia, whereby our nation’s sovereignty was almost jeopardised and our nation’s assets overseas almost confiscated. The failure of the government in handling this issue competently back then almost sacrificed the rights and sovereignty of Sabah.

It is hoped that this decision by the Paris Court of Appeal will put a final full stop to any attempts by malicious quartres to “steal” our national assets.

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