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Online signature campaign launched to petition support for the implementation of Undi18

On Thursday    08-04-2021 11:55:00

8 April 2021

Press statement by MCA Spokesperson Mike Chong Yew Chuan on Undi18


Online signature campaign launched to petition support for the implementation of Undi18

On this issue, MCA Youth has clarified its stance on the Election Commission's (EC) decision to postpone the implementation of Undi18.

Therefore, MCA Youth will continue to monitor this issue and will urge the government to form a special committee to study the implementation of Undi18.

A few days ago, MCA Youth raised a few demands to the EC  on this issue. Following that, MCA will launch an online petition ( to put pressure on the EC to fulfill their promise to implement Undi18.

MCA’s position on this issue is that the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the COVID-19 pandemic are not solid reasons to postpone Undi18. Moreover, the Parliamentary session in July 2019 had unanimously approved a motion to lower the minimum voting age to 18 years and also to implement automatic voter registration.

This motion has garnered bipartisan support from both the government and the opposition. Therefore, the EC should resolve any issues that hinder the implementation of this motion instead of looking for excuses to evade responsibility.

In my opinion, both the government and the opposition have already set aside their differences to approve this Undi18 motion because we believe that the voices of young adults should not be blocked.

Therefore, the failure to implement this motion seems to insult the dignity of the Parliament and it is not in line with the principles of democracy.

The EC is urged to focus their full efforts to ensure the implementation of Undi18 and for automatic voter registration to be implemented smoothly. If not, then it will definitely destroy the image of the EC and tarnish the image of the government as well. This is a situation where the EC cannot evade carrying out its responsibilities.

Sign the petition here:


Mike Chong Yew Chuan
MCA Spokesperson

-MCA online-




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