Exploiting MH370’s disappearance as a joke, Jocelyn Chia can redeem herself with genuine contrition to tragedy’s victims & next-of-kin
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Jocelyn Chia hits below the belt by belittling MH370 incident

On Thursday    08-06-2023 15:55:00

8 June 2023

Press statement by MCA Youth National Chairperson Datuk Nicole Wong Siaw Ting

Jocelyn Chia hits below the belt by belittling MH370 incident

Insults and vulgarities hit new lows when wannabe standup comedian Jocelyn Chia derided the misfortune that struck the victims of missing MH370 and their respective families. An unwise move which has since backfired, the target of her crude jokes may have been Malaysia, but she should not have touched on the passengers, crew and their next-of-kin.

MCA Youth also expresses our appreciation to Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia HE Vanu Gopala Menon who has apologised to all Malaysia for the hurtful remarks by Jocelyn Chia and for  clarifying that she is no longer a Singaporean citizen.

If Jocelyn Chia initiates remedial measures like apologising to Malaysia and the victims of MH370 for her deliberate gaffe, she would reveal herself to be able to differentiate from what is right and wrong and thus demonstrate maturity and humility, that there is still a ray of hope in her.

Malaysians are united on this matter. We may have different political opinions. However, we do not take slander against our nation lightly, and we definitely cannot turn oblivious to anyone who makes mischief out of people’s tragedy where lives have perished.

We respect the performances of stand-up comedians and the contents of their parody where they restrain themselves from crossing certain boundaries. It is not easy to be a stand-up comedian or to build an audience. However, the premise of jokes ought to be respectful and professional. Most essential, we must never trumpet other people’s grief as something inferior to a self-proclaimed exalted status.

There needs to be a bottom line for humour where basic principles and respect must be upheld, failing which, insensitivities may just spiral out of control, offend people’s feelings whilst creating hatred and misunderstanding.

Upcoming self-styled comedian Jocelyn Chia had poked fun about the disappearance of MH370 whilst performing in the United States and ridiculing Malaysia which in her perspective, trails behind the island republic.

Being acquainted and on friendly terms with several talk show hosts, they are mindful about the contents of their comments and are respectful towards others.

In Malaysia, there have been wannabe stand-up comedians and performing artistes who have been dealt with by the law for allegedly defaming religion.

Meanwhile, youth organisations of different races and religions could establish more performing arts  training classes, so that interested and talented young adults will be able to receive formal training and let them develop their strengths.

With the rapid development of social media, not everyone will be able to distinguish between right and wrong or black and white. This is a reality that everyone must face up to.

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