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On Tuesday    08-09-2020 13:18:00

8 September 2020

Press statement by MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Chairman Dato’ Ng Chok Sin

Selangor Pakatan govt must stop shirking responsibility over river pollution & unscheduled water disruption

The Selangor Pakatan state government should plan prudently and professionally in developing its water affairs. Refrain from politicising the water issue. In conducting a water restructuring exercise as early as 2014, these signs point to the responsibility of the Selangor State government.

However, in claiming that the Pakatan-helmed Selangor state government has limited powers to punish offenders involved in the pollution of water resources in the state, Selangor Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari brushes off responsibility for the entire unscheduled water disruption fiasco.

Residents of Selangor and likewise, Klang Valley whose water supplies are channelled from the four treatment plants operated by Air Selangor expect the Menteri Besar and his Exco to remedy the water crisis which has besieged Selangor since Pakatan wrested the state in 2008. The frequency of the unannounced water cuts, (eight since July 2019) only proves that the PKR-led Selangor state government does not place serious consideration in resolving this issue.

Investigations and enforcements including water delivery, distribution networks and post-incidents recovery plans fall under the jurisdiction of the Selangor state administration. The rakyat hopes such incidents of water shortages and unplanned shutting off water from its sources will no longer recur.

Managing water supplies, issuing licences for and inspection of factories and stores - don’t these all come under the authority of the state government? If the Selangor state government had implemented due dilligence and stringency in these matters, the possibility of water cuts due to contamination of water sources could have been avoided.

Since Pakatan took over Selangor state in 2008, the BN federal government has repeatedly reminded Selangor that given the rapid development of the state, plans must be made to obtain new water sources in the future. Unfortunately, Pakatan failed to heed BN’s concerns.

The Malaysia Water Industry Guide (MWIG) 2017 revealed that the treated water reserve margin in Selangor was 0%. The issue stemmed from the system having optimised its supply in terms of source, treatment and water distribution.

In recent years, water cuts in Selangor have occurred frequently. Among reasons cited include water contamination, maintenance works at treatment plants, or prolonged hot weather. However, in the latest incident of massive unscheduled water disruption due to effluents discharged into Sungai Gong, a water source, Selangor MB Amirudin merely conveyed that the state has limited powers to impose stiffer punishments, thereby white washing his state government’s shortcomings.  


Dato’ Ng Chok Sin
MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Chairman

-MCA online-

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