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MCA officially issues Letter of Demand to Chong Zhemin over Kampar hospital slander

On Friday    10-01-2020 17:46:00

10 January 2020


Press conference by MCA Spokesperson Mike Chong Yew Chuan


MCA officially issues Letter of Demand to Chong Zhemin over Kampar hospital slander


MCA has issued a Letter of Demand to DAP Keranji State Legislative Assemblyperson Chong Zhemin demanding an apology over his slanderous remarks claiming that MCA misappropriated RM150 million for the construction of a UTAR private hospital.


MCA has given ample opportunity and time for Chong to apologise, and urged him to not slander MCA on topics relating to TAR UC such as TAR UC’s allocation, hostel, as well as UTAR for the sake of cheap publicity stunts. However, our advices fell on deaf ears as Chong’s behaviour only worsened. To put an end to this madness, we are taking legal steps so that the truth will come to light.


To reiterate, the Health Ministry (MoH) on 7 January 2020 has clarified that the Finance Ministry (MoF) did not disburse RM150 million to MoH due to the land being unsuitable, thus the initial plan was cancelled and the associated funding not disbursed ( ). Hence, the budget is still parked at the MoF level and has not been channelled to the MoH. However, Chong Zhemin remained nonchalant and ignorant to these facts, opting to continue slandering MCA shamelessly.


In summary, MoH’s clarification has proven that Chong Zhemin’s accusation of MCA misappropriating RM150 million on 3 January 2020, is totally baseless.


In addition, MCA Deputy President Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon has urged him to retract his statements and apologise; Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau Chief Low Guo Nan and a number of state representatives have also filed police reports against him. Yet Chong Zhemin did not respond.


Furthermore, in my 7 January 2020 press statement, I have already urged Chong Zhemin to take responsibility for his slanderous remarks through an apology and resignation, or be faced with MCA’s legal actions.


Not long after, Chong Zhemin responded with the same hard-headedness, even scoffing at MCA’s ultimatum. After deliberating with the legal team, MCA has decided to send Chong Zhemin a Letter of Demand in accordance to civil procedures so that MCA’s reputation is restored.


Conventionally, after the letter is sent out (dated 8 January 2020), a 7-day period is given for the other party to respond. Thus, we urge Chong Zhemin to take remedial actions within this timeframe to retract his remarks on social platforms such as personal blogs, Facebook, websites, relevant media postings in a way deemed fitting by MCA, to apologise and promise not to ever fabricate untrue slander against MCA, and provide reasonable reimbursement as well as the remittance of any court fees.


On the other hand, Chong should also disclose the investigation results regarding his report on 9 October 2015 to the MACC on incumbent Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir’s Forex scandal where he also requested a disclosure of the funds’ source. At that time, there was news of Tun Mahathir’s former ally Abdul Hameed revealing Tun Mahathir’s desire to transfer a fund amounting to RM1.194 trillion into Malaysia, which was stopped by the then Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak.


Since Chong Zhemin is indignant over power abuse, he should get to the crux of the issue instead of disappearing after the issue died down, or give up on the issue just because Tun Mahathir is now an ally. If Chong is a man of principles, he should follow up on the investigation and resubmit his report, so that the truth can be out!


Mike Chong Yew Chuan

MCA Spokesperson


-MCA online-


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