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On Thursday    11-07-2019 15:47:00

11 July 2019


Press Statement by MCA Publicity Bureau Deputy Chairperson Dato’ Leong Kim Soon

Entrepreneur Development Ministry to open the floodgates for rare earth; Will Wong Tack continue to defend PH?

As Entrepreneur Development Minister Dato’ Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof revealed on 10 July 2019 that the government wants to attract more rare earth investments into Malaysia, it further solidifies the fact that Pakatan Harapan will do nothing to shut down the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant and whatever Wong Tack spouts holds no water.

Seeing how the increase of rare earth in Malaysia seems inevitable under Pakatan Harapan, all Malaysians clamour to see what the Green Warrior would do next. Is he going to justify the government's actions, or is he going to strike up an objection?

When RM100 billion worth of rare earth downstream products start pouring into our country, it is predicted that a lot more rare earth refineries, similar to Lynas will start popping up everywhere. This completely flies in the face of the collective promise made by PH politicians to end Lynas.

Redzuan insisted that rare earth are not as dangerous as commonly believed, exposing DAP and Wong Tack to have previously taken advantage of Lynas for political mileage. If Wong Tack cannot get Redzuan to retract his statement, then it is no different than him admitting his actions in the past are one of a charlatan.

There are a lot of contradictions of what PH said before and after becoming the federal government. For example, rare earth products which are once radioactive and toxic according to PH are now miraculously harmless.

To pave the way for the third national car and flying car projects, not only was money from Khazanah Nasional injected, but PH suddenly identified rare earth as a crucial raw material, opening the floodgates to more rare earth entering our country.


Dato’ Leong Kim Soon
MCA Publicity Bureau Deputy Chairperson


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