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Do not succumb to threats – Use your votes to punish “Pakatan Harapan” for their arrogance

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12 January 2019

Press Statement by Pahang MCA Youth Secretary Saw Yee Fung

Do not succumb to threats – Use your votes to punish “Pakatan Harapan” for their arrogance

In order to secure votes in the coming Cameron Highlands by-election, Pakatan Harapan has stooped to desperate measures including abusing their powers and government resources. In fact, there were also threats against Orang Asli village chiefs (Tok Batin) that they could lose their salaries and posts. This clearly goes against the spirit of democracy and election rules.

In the week leading up to nomination day, Pakatan Harapan ministers had went to Cameron Highlands to announce new projects and other election goodies. Worse still, Pakatan Harapan candidate M.Manogaran had criticised the BN candidate by saying that “the Malays don’t even buy kuih from Orang Asli vendors”. This racist statement is also an insult to the Orang Asli community and may threaten social harmony. This incident, together with the threats against the Tok Batins have highlighted Pakatan Harapan’s arrogance of disrespecting the spirit and laws of democracy. 

Senator Bob Manolan has insulted the voters and disrespected the spirit of democracy in threatening to withhold the salaries of the Orang Asli village chiefs or even replacing them if they do not support Pakatan Harapan. The attitudes of both Bob Manolan and M.Manogaran in abusing government resources to threaten voters goes against the spirit of democracy. 

As government officials, they should be aware that government resources belong to the people, and are not to be used for Pakatan Harapan’s personal needs. Threatening to revoke allocations only highlights their arrogance, and the voters of Cameron Highlands are urged to punish the government through this by-election!

The Pakatan Harapan candidate deserves to be rejected as a warning to the government to not take the voters’ support for granted. As such, this makes the Cameron Highlands by-election an important one, as Cameron Highland voters on behalf of all Malaysians can use their votes to remind Pakatan Harapan that it is the people who determines who is in power.

Thus, the voters of Cameron Highlands are urged to send a strong signal to the government that the people will not bow down to their threats and will continue to uphold the spirit and principles of democracy.

Saw Yee Fung
MCA Youth Pahang secretary

-MCA online-

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