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Unreasonable to strip non-Muslims off their freedom to place a bet

On Monday    12-10-2020 16:45:00

12 October 2020


Press Statement by MCA Youth Deputy Chairperson Tan Chee Hiong

Unreasonable to strip non-Muslims off their freedom to place a bet

The statement by Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister YB Khairuddin Aman Razali to call on the government to ban gambling is unreasonable as it infringes of non-Muslims rights. The minister ought to focus on his own portfolio instead of making unconstructive remarks that create confusion in vain, and inflame interracial and inter-religious relationships.

No one is encouraging gambling, but the act of enacting laws to outlaw licenced betting is a direct transgression against the freedom of non-Muslims.

Everyone knows about the risk attributed to a game of chance. If a person voluntarily places a bet, he or she acknowledges the potential risk and consequences for losing - and as long as no one is harmed in the process, it is entirely up to them. There is no need for intervention from the government.

YB Khairuddin claims that gambling being the cause of conflict and scamming are off beam. The world will not cease to be full of conflict and manipulation by taking away gambling.

To illustrate, will the government ban the usage of knives because people could use them to kill one another? Or did the government realise that even with the banning of knives, murder crimes would not be staved off. A knife kills no one, it is just a tool in the killer’s hand.

As such, the government takes action to dissuade people from committing murder, and not ban the use of knives. Similarly, we should tailor policies that prevent scams and conflicts, and not outright outlaw the act of gambling.


Tan Chee Hiong

MCA Youth Deputy Chairperson


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