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Deaf Ears & Overdevelopment cause of condominium collapse?

On Friday    14-02-2020 19:02:00

14 February 2020

Press Statement by MCA Spokesperson and A Concerned Member of the Seputeh Community Chan Quin Er

Deaf Ears and Overdevelopment cause of condominium collapse?

The collapse of sections of “The Address” super high-rise residential project in Taman Desa uncovers the skeletons hastily buried in the shallow grave by developers and the politicians who allegedly favour them.

Local residents who formed the Protect Taman Desa Coalition began protesting vehemently this exact development as far back as 2017. I’m currently in contact with the coalition to better assess the damage and stay in the loop of the situation.

For the record, the mishap this evening is not the first. A crane was sent crashing down into the compound of a neighbouring Condominium back in 2018.

Did the construction abide with the environmental impact assessment report? Was the soil foundation strengthened against landslides? Had the Pakatan Harapan government ensure local safety standards were adhered to?

It goes without saying that the authorities overseeing the safety compliances of this project must be held accountable.

We should all know by now overdevelopment is a disaster waiting to happen — a ticking time bomb.

Taman Desa comes under the Seputeh constituency, and Teresa Kok, who was poised to contest the constituency for GE14, decided to ingratiate herself to the locals by championing the cause of anti-overdevelopment.

To the residents’ disappointment and frustration, after ascending to her cushy seat as Minister of Primary Industries, Kok abruptly started to shun and ignore these people who gave her their vote. The locals soon found that she quickly became unwilling to state her stance and attend any of their media conferences.

To the outrage of her constituents, Kok addressed their grievances by threatening to sue them.


Aside from her, the Minister of Federal Territories Khalid Samad and the Mayor of Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) Dato' Nor Hisham bin A Dahlan are answerable as to why protests over overdevelopment kept falling on deaf ears.

At the time of writing this, an unknown number of injured casualties was reported and it remains unclear if anyone was killed or trapped under the debris.

Chan Quin Er
MCA Spokesperson
A Concerned Member of the SEPUTEH Community

-MCA online-

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