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No room for negotiation on sovereignty issues: Shafie’s method on defending Sabah questionable

On Tuesday    15-09-2020 15:52:00

15 September 2020

Press statement by Wanita MCA Sabah Chairperson Dr Pamela Yong

No room for negotiation on sovereignty issues:
Shafie’s method on defending Sabah questionable

Immediate past Sabah Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Shafie Apdal’s method on defending Sabah’s territorial sovereignty is questionable. His words and intentions are akin to betraying rather than defending Sabah.

It is an unequivocal fact that Sabah is one of the 14 states of Malaysia. There can be no compromise or even room for negotiation on this issue. As the immediate past Chief Minister, Shafie should resolutely protest or object against any ownership claim by any foreign government or group, instead of nodding towards negotiation.

Off and on, the Philippines government and official agencies will provoke the issue of ownership claim over Sabah. This became more obvious when Shafie helmed the state. However, his remarks several days ago has raised many doubts. Suggesting that the governments of Malaysia and the Philippines should hold negotiations to resolve Philippines’ territorial claim over Sabah should not even be considered because Sabah belongs to Malaysia.

Shafie’s proposal is tantamount to opening up avenues for the Philippines to stretch its demands, and also a recognition that its claims are legitimate, thereby enabling our neighbouring country to encroach further into our borders. His suggestion is bereft of any credibility and unacceptable.

MCA reiterates our emphasis that Sabah is part of Malaysia. Our territory and sovereignty are non-negotiable and can never be adjusted by any means.

As a state government, Sabah must adopt a tough stand to counter any claims by Philippines for our sovereignty. Shafie has repeated that his Parti Warisan Sabah is a local Sabah-based party. However, his conduct suggests an intent to pawn off the rights and interests of Sabah.

Shafie’s policy has cast doubts among Sabahans and Malaysians. His promotion of the much-detested Pas Sementara Sabah (PSS) to legitimise illegal immigrants would obviously benefit illegals, yet ignore the rights of Sabah. His political agenda raises suspicion.

If Warisan succeeds at the Sabah state election, the rights of Sabahans will be left dangling subject to betrayal. Foreign countries will become more brazen in staking their demands on our sovereignty with the expectation of further compromises from Sabah and Malaysia.

Dr Pamela Yong
Wanita MCA Sabah Chairperson

-MCA online-

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