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10-year Pakatan-led Selangor businesses in sorry state, when will the racial discrimination stop?

On Thursday    16-05-2019 16:49:00

16 May 2019

Press Statement by MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Chairperson Dato’ Ng Chok Sin


10-year Pakatan-led Selangor businesses in sorry state, when will the racial discrimination stop?

After more than 10 years of Pakatan-led Selangor, local non-Muslim businesses have not improved for the better or experienced more freedom, Rather, it has become more conservative and restrictive. As local officials repeatedly make difficult demands for non-Muslim small businesses, the recent development has become unbearable for them.

Klang provision store owners have voiced their disgruntlements as they were faced with rejection in the process of renewing alcohol sale permit. Store owners also revealed dissatisfaction towards the myriad of terms and condition set which changes each year which are mostly in fact mere verbal instructions without any supporting documents.

How long will the Selangor state local officials continue to pester and obstruct non-Muslim business owners? Since back then, Klang store owners were faced with various conditions imposed by the Klang local authorities for alcohol sale permit renewal, yet even after complying, they were turned away with the new directive that provisions stores are forbidden to sell alcohol. Alongside the fickle-mindedness of the state officials on setting rules, there appears to be a hidden agenda to stamp out non-Muslim businesses, impeding Selangor businesses from flourishing.

Selangor state officials forcefully imposing their religious views on other races is an act of intruding unto non-Muslim’s rights. We MCA supports that, with proper compliance to the law, non-Muslims should have the freedoms to be allowed to sell and consume alcohol products.

Malaysia is a multiracial country, where its national harmony is built upon trust and consideration between all races; the state government should not irresponsibly change policies on a whim, or impose their religious views on someone of a different race. Thus, this alcohol permit issue shows a great example of how government officials SHOULDN’T behave.

Pakatan Non-Muslim state Assemblyperson have the tacit responsibility to safeguard the welfare of non-Muslim businesses, yet we do not see DAP state ADUNs rising for the occasion to counter this injustice; even more tragically, when Klang business owners sought help from Pandamaran DAP ADUN Leong Tuck Chee, no news has returned since while officials continued their harassment.

Where are you, DAP Leong Tuck Chee? Have you already solved the woes of Klang business owners? Why isn’t there any reply on the subject matter? The situation has worsened after filing complaints, while local officials seem to be fooling around. Leong Tuck Chee, if you still identify yourself as a representative of the public, we summon thee to explain yourself! 

Dato’ Ng Chok Sin
MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Chairperson


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