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Bring to justice perpetrators of corruption

On Wednesday    18-11-2020 18:03:00

18 November 2020


Press Statement by MCA Youth Civil Society Movement Coordination Bureau Chairperson Heng Zhi Li


Bring to justice perpetrators of corruption


Well done, MACC.


I would like to express admiration for the efficiency of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in its recent operation, carried over four states across the nation, detaining 44 suspects including an Immigration Dept officer alleged for forging entry documents for foreigners to “legally” stay here in exchange for bribes. 


The success of this operation is not only a huge achievement in the war against corruption, but also serves as a measure to curb the surge of illegal immigrants.


The deluge of undocumented immigrants in our country contributes to the spike of social problems.


These group of people are often involved in gambling activities, smuggling and prostitution, resulting in an unregulated outflow of money.


Illegal immigrants are also “time bombs” amidst the Covid-19 outbreak as their movements are difficult for the authorities to control and keep an eye on. They become one of the obstacles preventing us from effectively bringing the pandemic under reins.


The success of MACC in this operation once again highlights Malaysia’s commitment in uprooting corruption.

As such, government agencies must take seriously their undertaking with credibility and integrity to portray the right image. Cooperation between these agencies and MACC must be enhanced to rid corruption.


Furthermore, every citizen should realise it is their duty to avoid engaging in briberies for a moment of convenience.


It is my hope that MACC will continue in their proactive efforts to detect all forms of corruption, big or small, regardless of the offenders’ backgrounds, and bring them to justice.


The chain of corruption must be broken like the chain of Covid-19.


Let us all work together towards building a Malaysia of virtue and integrity.

Abhor Corruption, Uphold Pride.


Heng Zhi Li

MCA Youth Civil Society Movement Coordination Bureau Chairperson

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