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International cooperation on Covid-19 vaccines: Arrival of first batch to combat pandemic

On Sunday    21-02-2021 15:14:00

21 February 2021

Press statement by MCA International Communication & Diplomacy Bureau Chairman Dr Tee Ching Seng

International cooperation on Covid-19 vaccines: Arrival of first batch to combat pandemic

The long awaited first shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines has finally touched down in Malaysia and our nation will commence vaccinations nationwide from 24 Feb 2021. Another batch of Sinovac vaccines will also arrive in Malaysia on 27 Feb 2021. This is the result of parties worldwide taking practical measures to promote the distribution and use of vaccines worldwide.

Vaccines are an important means to defeat the Covid-19. Securing vaccines from the different countries required joint efforts by Malaysia with the international community. The global community shares a common purpose of fighting this deadly invisible enemy. I hope that this first delivery of vaccines raises new hope that will aid Malaysia’s efforts in bringing this infectious disease under control at an earlier date.

The Covid-19 National Immunisation Programme which launches off from 24 Feb 2021 marks a new milestone in Malaysia’s fight against the pandemic. Although registration for the dosage is voluntary, I call upon the public to actively participate with receptiveness in order to obtain a herd immunity and overcome the outbreak as soon as possible.

The vaccine meets WHO standards, and the government has made adequate guarantees to ensure that the vaccine meets the requirements of safety, efficacy, and quality, and that has been strictly approved for use in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures. We also urge people who still may hold some concerns to abandon such doubts and have faith in scientific and rational reasoning. Be responsible to ourselves and others and actively participate in receiving the inoculations and jointly aid Malaysia to come out of the current predicament.

Although the immunisation plan marks a new milestone in the combat against the contagion, this does not mean the pandemic will be annihilated instantly. There are still hidden transmission chains within the communities. The risk of transmission cannot be ignored and the public must strictly comply with the SOPs issued by the National Security Council.

In addition, once the vaccination has been fully utilised, it will take time to make a difference, and we hope that the public will be able to understand this.

Dr Tee Ching Seng
MCA International Communication and Diplomacy Bureau Chairman

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