Dr Maszlee must retract remarks – Gulf in society follows Education Minister tying Bumiputera employment in the private sector to Matriculation quotas
Press statement by MCA on “Himpunan Penyatuan Ummah” (Ummah Unity Gathering)  

Why does Teoh Nie Ching keep mum on Dr Maszlee's irresponsible remarks?

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21 May 2019

Press statement by MCA National Youth Education Consultative Committee Chairperson Ng Sing Phing

Why does Teoh Nie Ching keep mum on Dr Maszlee's irresponsible remarks?

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik’s remarks which linked the Bumiputera quota for Matriculation intakes to job opportunities in the private sector being denied to Bumiputeras purportedly due to Mandarin requirement has created an uproar besides attracting widespread criticisms. But Deputy Education Minister Teoh Nie Ching has not even squeaked anything. Can her dignified silence be attributed to her not having any information, or being powerless to voice up as she is not a full Cabinet Minister?

So far, only DAP Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Nga Kor Ming and Selangor Exco Dato’ Teng Chang Khim have voiced out against Dr Maszlee. However, neither is a Deputy Minister of a Cabinet Minister. Where are the 6 DAP Cabinet Ministers? Do their silence translate to approval of Dr Maszlee’s irresponsible opinion? In particular, Dr Maszlee’s deputy, Teoh Nie Cheng has not responded yet.  Does she require her superior’s permission to air her views on his divisive comment?

Dr Maszlee’s remarks that “we harp on (the quota system in) matriculation without considering that people are being denied jobs because they don't know Mandarin (Malaysiakini, 16 May 2019)” have since courted public dissatisfaction besides stirring up anger among students, former students denied placements in local public universities, parents, and even divergent debates on social media. Rather than uniting, Dr Maszlee divides and should thus resign!

Teoh Nie Ching roar regarding education issues when she was then in the Opposition has since fallen silent. Does keeping mum equate to agreement with her boss’ opinion?

Netizens have berated the various policies introduced by Dr Maszlee which include requiring schoolchildren to wear blear shoes and black socks, cashless system in schools, setting up a petrol kiosk at varsities, using hotel swimming pools for swimming lessons. Given these education blunders, the voices of local community leaders calling him to step down have grown louder.

An online petition on change.org urging that Dr Maszlee be sacked has so far obtained more than 20,000 signatures. Teoh Nie Ching was hoisted to be a Deputy Minister through 95% support from the Chinese community yet complacency has lulled her towards her boss’ obvious views of racial prejudices and incendiary remarks. Does Teoh Nie Ching not feel embarrassed?

Ng Sing Phing
MCA National Youth Education Consultative Committee Chairperson

-MCA online-

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