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DAP Ministers fight shy of Dr Maszlee’s controversial statement

On Tuesday    21-05-2019 14:17:00

21 May 2019


Press Statement by MCA Youth Chairperson Nicole Wong Siaw Ting


DAP Ministers fight shy of Dr Maszlee’s controversial statement


After Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik made the controversial statement of linking the matriculation intake quota to language requirement in the job market, many Cabinet members — especially the six DAP Cabinet Minsters — had seemingly gone into hiding to avoid this topic at all cost. This is highly unusual and casts suspicion on whether such talks had been pre-approved by the Cabinet.


Following an online petition that urges the sacking of Dr Maszlee, DAP Cabinet Ministers must not remain taciturn. We challenge these ministers to stand up and face the public, explain both Dr Maszlee and the Cabinet’s positions on this matter. The people have a right to know if Dr Maszlee’’s words are backed by the Cabinet.


We also want to know if DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang still holds on to his previous statement that Dr Maszlee is “the best Education Minister in history.” He should at least be responsible for his unsubstantiated commendations of Dr Maszlee and apologise to the rakyat.


Moreover, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng attempted to defend Dr Maszlee, claiming that Pakatan Harapan is a government that unites the people to reject racial and religion extremism.


Does Lim Guan Eng not understand Malay or even Mandarin? Dr Mazlee had laid it on thick with racism in his statement. Why does he call on the people to reject racists, yet he himself, shies away from lambasting the Education Minister?


Lim Guan Eng had accomplished nothing with his “pretty talk” about unity, racism and extremism; except to showcase yet again DAP as a party which cannot walk its talk.


Nicole Wong Siaw Ting

MCA Youth Chairperson


-MCA online-

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