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Press statement by MCA Secretary General Datuk Chong Sin Woon  

Regular self-contradictions, Lim Kit Siang should mean what he says

On Wednesday    21-09-2022 18:02:00

21 September 2022

Press statement by MCA Johor State Liaison Committee Deputy Chairman Senator Datuk Lim Pay Hen

Regular self-contradictions, Lim Kit Siang should mean what he says

Lim Kit Siang should self-reflect before making half-fledged announcements that he will retire from politics and not contest in the next general election (GE). His all too frequent back-pedaling will only further erode voters’ confidence in him.

The DAP stalwart informs that he is not “aware of any recent DAP meeting allegedly to discuss (his) candidature for Bakri parliamentary seat” for GE15. He also singled out UMNO Johor Chairman Dato’ Seri Hasni Mohammad who said that he (Kit Siang) “is preparing to contest in the Bakri parliamentary seat” as “purveying fake and false information.” Kit Siang should not shoot too quickly from his mouth as his words may return to haunt him later on.

The Iskandar Puteri MP should look himself in the mirror, reflect on his past actions before slamming others. There are more than enough past records of him backtracking. Who else will trust him to keep to his words when fulfilling his promises is not one of his traits.

Let us refresh his memory.

May 2019: Kit Siang challenged UMNO Deputy Chairman Dato’ Seri Mohd Hassan to bet that if Tun Dr Mahathir did not hand over the Prime Ministership to Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he would retire. Up till the fall of the Pakatan Harapan federal government, despite Dr Mahathir having yet to hand over the baton to Anwar, Kit Siang reneged on his words to retire.

Additionally, despite announcing his retirement and that he would not contest at the DAP National Congress held in March this year, the DAP supremo later said that he could not completely step back from politics.

It has become common knowledge that in almost every GE, Kit Siang would resort to his usual slogan that this GE would be his last and that he would retire from politics after that.

This tactic has nevertheless proven successful for him to scoop ballots and after winning, he somehow “mudah lupa” about the possibility of retirement.

The DAP stalwart may have served certain constituencies longer than others. However, frequently changing constituencies enables voters to come search for him from time to time.

Meanwhile, Kit Siang is most impressive at berating his arch foe Dr Mahathir for graft ie “The Father of Corruption” has become a decades-old moniker. However, after DAP successfully wrested Putrajaya and Dr Mahathir was appointed as Prime Minister, Kit Siang immediately switched his tune and claimed that he had never said that Dr Mahathir was corrupt despite decades of smearing the nonagenarian.

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