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Govt must prioritise people most affected by extended MCO; Public urged to unite to overcome difficulties

On Wednesday    25-03-2020 17:49:00

25 March 2020

Press statement by MCA Youth National Chairman Nicole Wong Siaw Ting

Govt must prioritise people most affected by extended MCO; Public urged to unite to overcome difficulties

Observing the rapid rise in the number of patients diagnosed with Covid-19 or who have died from the disease, it is inevitable that the government has to extend the Movement Control Order (MCO). However, the government must pay attention and prioritise assisting groups which are most affected by the MCO and now, its extension.

The revised duration of the MCO can be said to last almost one month. Its impact is far-reaching and arduous. In addition to the livelihoods of low-income groups being hit, many private companies are experiencing difficulty in capital turnover.


The current situation is a test of our patience and the wisdom of our government. The government must allocate resources wisely to look after all groups in every layer of society so that everyone can safely overcome the current difficulties.


This is a worldwide crisis. Governments across the globe are also struggling to cope with inadequate medical equipment or protective suits. Therefore, we must firmly support and trust our government to guide us to embrace this pandemic. At the same time, we must give moral support to all the frontliners e.g. the police and military, medical care personnel and other units that who tirelessly labouring at the frontlines. They remain Malaysia’s anonymous, unsung heroes.


At this moment, the ruling coalition and opposition block should desist from assailing their opponents for selfish political interests. Instead, they should speak in unison and encourage the rakyat to respond with a united front.


No individual can face this crisis alone. This is a significant challenge that is unprecedented in the world. In recent weeks, we have seen countless people around the world who have lost their loved ones. We would not desire for similar predicaments to happen in our country.


Now is not the time to complain or blame each other. Everyone has to bite the bullet together and tackle this crisis head-on. Eventually, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


As Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin has announced the extension of the MCO until 14 April, the government should assist the private enterprises and the general public. The authorities should further address basic needs such as providing discounts on utilities, and interest-free loans to low-income groups facing living expenses and adapt to the requirements according to the situation.

Nicole Wong Siaw Ting
MCA Youth National Chairperson

-MCA online-

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