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On Thursday    26-03-2020 20:36:00

26 March 2020


Press statement by MCA Youth Perlis Chairperson Sdri. Ng Sing Phing


Public urged to cooperate to overcome Covid-19 pandemic


The extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) as announced by YAB Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is an accurate decision.

Although the rakyat’s daily routine will be affected following the execution of the MCO extension, nevertheless, it is a necessary move to take in view that the trend of positive Covid-19 cases is expected to continue. In fact, research agency JP Moran Chase and Co. had also stated that positive cases in the country are expected to hit 6,300 cases. Therefore, the public is urged to comprehend the situation and heavy responsibility shouldered by the government till it has to take this drastic step.

Todate, government efforts to reduce the spread of this disease can be seen to be effective. The trend of total infections in Malaysia can be seen as declining gradually. There is no astounding jump as observed in Italy which recorded more than 6,000 deaths and more than 53,000 positive cases since 21 February 2020.

Presently, personnel from the Health Ministry (MoH) and its fronliner staff are striving strenuously day and night without scant rest to risk their lives for the health and security for all Malaysians. Their sacrifices must not be taken lightly. Neither should people violate the MCO recklessly. Please adhere to all instructions for the greater good, and only leave your homes when the need really arises.

80 health personnel have been reported as Covid-19 positive. Although it did not stem from handling Covid-19 positive cases, imagine the physical and mental burden which are forced upon their colleagues who are still at the frontlines at this moment.

Therefore, public cooperation is paramount. Do not multiply the weight of the frontline personnel. The symbiotic relationship between the government and the public is such that mutual cooperation is needed to overcome this terrible pandemic.

For those who are unwell, do not fear or contemplate visiting the doctor, and do not hide divulging important information like travels overseas or being in close contact with cases identified as Covid-19 positive. For others, stay home and trust the government to look after all of us during such difficult times.

We have our respective roles. Let us work together for the benefit of all and for our nation to combat this invisible enemy.


Ng Sing Phing
MCA Youth Perlis Chairperson


-MCA online-

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