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Aid for Rohingyas equated as recognition of refugee status? Pakatan supporters must learn to distinguish between humanitarian works & policy

On Tuesday    28-04-2020 18:27:00

28 April 2020

Press statement by MCA Spokesperson Mike Chong Yew Chuan

Aid for Rohingyas equated as recognition of refugee status?
Pakatan supporters must learn to distinguish between humanitarian works & policy

It is unfortunate that supporters of Pakatan have distorted relief efforts by MCA volunteers during the Movement Control Order (MCO) towards Rohingyas residing in Johor to as if, our party recognises the status of Rohingya refugees. They have even accused the government of continuing to allow these Rohingyas to enter during the Covid-19 pandemic, thereby tarnishing MCA and the government.

These pro-Pakatan cybertroopers and their supporters have repeatedly published fabricated posts, thereby indicating that they simply fail to differentiate between charitable outreach and policy position.  They rely on stigmatisation, incitement and deception to further their own political agenda.

MCA has already expressed our clear stand on the Rohingya matter ie as do not agree to our government accepting any Rohingya migrants during the pandemic as doing so, would impose a heavy burden on our nation’s medical system. Simultaneously, we are concerned about the risk of any arrivals who might be infected and may spread the virus.

MCA has also made it clear that the issue of Rohingya refugees is not solely a Malaysian issue, but one of regional and international concern – it must be undertaken by international organisations.

Our party’s position is clear, i.e.  the government must stop accepting any  Rohingya migrants. This is MCA’s policy position on the issue of Rohingyas.

Since the outbreak of the Covivd-19 pandemic, the Crisis Relief Squad of MCA  (CRSM), like any other NGO or charity body in Malaysia, has distributed aid and goods to groups in need of assistance, irrespective of ethnicity.

MCA does not agree that the government should continue to accept Rohingya migrants. However, needy Rohingyas who are residing in Malaysia should not be excluded from receiving humanitarian aid so long as they are genuinely in need. Distributing relief aid out of humanitarian grounds for underprivileged groups is fundamentally distinct from MCA’s policy on the Rohingya resettlement issue. The simple truth is: with some common sense, one can distinguish the difference between both.

All efforts by CRSM to help underprivileged groups are carried out regardless of ethnicity or religion. We will not cease our relief works owing to disparaging my certain naysayers. CRSM will continue to uphold humanitarian grounds and assist people in need, from before, presently and in the future.

Mike Chong Yew Chuan
MCA Spokesperson

-MCA online-

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