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Contradicted by his boss, both Domestic Trade Minister & his deputy disrupt market forces & spoil govt’s image

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29 November 2019

Press statement by MCA Vice President Datuk Lim Ban Hong

Contradicted by his boss, both Domestic Trade Minister & his deputy disrupt market forces & spoil govt’s image

The contradictory remarks  by both the Minister and Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs on the RON95 pricing reveals that since Pakatan Harapan (PH) was swept into power, they lack coordination and openness and are unprofessional. The Malaysian economy remains sluggish while the PH government is not only helpless, but repeatedly disappoints the rakyat with its mistakes.

Minister of Domestic Trade Dato’ Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail and his deputy Chong Chieng Jen must coordinate and communicate with each other on their Ministry’s policies, rather than utter contradictory statements to the public.

Disputing Chong’s remarks that the government will increase the price of RON95 petrol by 1 or 2 sen weekly from January 2020 until the petrol price matches the market price, Saifuddin now claims this is not the government’s final decision. Such behaviour by the Minister and his deputy is unprofessional. As leaders of an important Ministry which addresses the daily essentials of Malaysians, their contradictory statement is enough to disrupt the usual operation of market forces besides compromising the Cabinet’s integrity and professionalism.

This incident also reveals that Saifuddin and Chong do not take their responsibilities seriously, nor do they respect the trust of the people. As the top two persons of their Ministry, the duo were completely unaware as to how reckless their irresponsible remarks can leave a negative impact on the market and cause the rakyat’s confidence in the government to erode.

This is not the first time that Saifuddin and Chong have made contradictory remarks. On the mechanism for the targeted subsidy groups, the value and manner of the subsidy, the Ministers have spoken differently. Often times, the Deputy Minister’s speech is overturned by his superior in the evening, of which the oft-cited excuse is “Cabinet has not yet decision. This is not final.”

PH leaders are urged to cherish and make proper use of the authority bestowed unto them and not deliver unconfirmed comments without careful planning and consultation, because their comments will be regarding as Ministry policies. Such confusion will not only affect the country’s image negatively, but will also discourage foreign investments into Malaysia.

Datuk Lim Ban Hong
MCA Vice President

-MCA online-


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