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Anwar’s new book: Same Manifesto, Different Cover

On Monday    03-10-2022 17:14:00

3 October 2022

Press statement by MCA Youth National Chairperson Datuk Nicole Wong Siaw Ting

Anwar’s new book: Same Manifesto, Different Cover


According to reports, PKR President Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s latest book talks about the abolition of tolls and PTPTN loan repayment. Is the entire Malaysia experiencing Déjà vu, or is Anwar rehashing old promises and hoping nobody noticed? Regardless, after 22-months under Pakatan, it is apparent to all that their manifesto is synonymous with broken promise.


In the book titled “Script: For A Better Malaysia”, Anwar listed 36 points to transform Malaysia with their vision and policies. Yet, beyond their internal power struggle, what has PH accomplished during their administration? Here are a few examples:


1.        Promised the abolition of tolls, resulted with extension of highway concessions;

2.        Promised abolition of PTPTN, resulted in revocation of waiver for merit students except for B40;

3.        Promised to abolish FELDA debts, no follow up afterwards;

4.        Promised UEC recognition, resulted in black-white-shoe issue and TAR UC allocation issue;

5.        Promised to separate the Attorney General’s role as public prosecutor and the government’s legal adviser, resulted in at least 15 cases involving PH leaders dismissed;

6.        Promised to shut down Lynas, resulted in renewal of license and dumping of rare earth waste in Malaysia permanently.


Moreover, not only did PH not fulfill their promises, but they also gave birth to many controversies and scandals, such as strained diplomatic ties, flying car, and third national card project. Meanwhile, Anwar was just following Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad around waiting for his turn, up until Dr Mahathir resigned and caused the collapse of Pakatan Harapan.


After what Malaysians experienced post-GE14, Anwar has the audacity to serve the same dish with a different name. Is that a script for a better Malaysia, or a script for gullible Malaysians?


-MCA Online-

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