Affiliate Membership Application

On Wednesday    17-03-2021 17:39:00

1. Application

a)    Not less than 18 years of age;

b)    A Malaysian citizen of Non-Chinese descent;

c)    Not a member of, nor affiliated, to any other political party.

2. Membership Rights

a)    Will not have the right to vote

b)    Cannot hold post of Office Bearer

c)    The Affiliate member can be seated as an invitee when called upon for any specific or general meeting (Article 17)

3. Application Process

Only Ordinary members are accepted. Membership application form must be completed and submitted to the MCA HQ-Membership Section with supporting documents and payment.

a) Documents Needed:

I. One copy of MyKad (front and back in A4 Paper)

II. One copy of a recent colour passport size photo (appearance of applicant must match age)

b) Membership Fees

    RM10 for a 5-year subscription (RM2/- per annum)

c) Must undergo a biometric verification process

4. Membership Application Procedures

a. Complete the application form
b. Attach supporting documents
c. Make the payment
d. Send the form to MCA HQ-Membership Section
e. Biometric Verification Process. Click here to find your nearest biometric verification centre 
f. Verification by Membership Section
g. Submit to MCA Central Committee for approval
h. Membership card issued to new Affiliate Member

5. Affiliate Membership Subscription Fee

a) RM2/- per year ending 31st December of each year or part of the year (Article 13.4)

b) Invalid members who have not paid the membership subscription fee due for 5 consecutive years will be deleted from the master list immediately

c) Members who are deleted from the master list must make a fresh application

6. Membership Transfer

Application for a transfer of membership is subject to the applicant’s residential address.

7. Application Form (Click here to download Application Form

8. Membership Card Design

9. Membership Withdrawal

By giving notice in writing to the Secretary-General to the effect. The Secretary-General shall report such a withdrawal to the Central Committee. (Article 19)

10. Member Benefits

Similar to Life and Ordinary party members, enjoy Flash Card discounts.


MCA HQ-Membership Section
8th floor Wisma MCA
163 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2716 5911-5915
Fax: 03-2203 3820

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