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On Tuesday    14-03-2023 12:10:00

14 March 2023

Press statement by MCA Deputy Treasurer-General Datuk Ir. Lawrence Low


Extended hours at health clinics: All stakeholders should be involved in discussions

On 12 March 2023, the Ministry of Health announced an initiative for extended hours at 52 health clinics nationwide to reduce overcrowding in emergency and trauma departments nationwide.


Even though this is a positive consideration to serve the Rakyat better, it is imperative that the government discusses with all stakeholders beforehand.


This includes General Practitioners (GP) and contract doctors who are currently still left in the unknown about how this initiative involves them.


Furthermore, they were not told if they participate in the initiatives, whether they will be adequately remunerated, nor what types of cases they may be assigned.


Therefore, Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa should make it her priority to call for a meeting immediately with all relevant stakeholders in order to finalise the details and ensure that all quarters can come to an agreement about the initiative.

-MCA Online-

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