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Rina Harun should address high paedophilia & drug abuse stats in Kelantan instead of targeting vernacular schools

On Wednesday    15-03-2023 14:47:00

15 March 2023

Press statement by Wanita MCA Kelantan Chairperson and Wanita MCA National Secretary General Saw Ooi Leng

Rina Harun should address high paedophilia & drug abuse stats in Kelantan instead of targeting vernacular schools

Instead by aiming its arrows at vernacular schools, Srikandi Bersatu Chairperson Dato’ Seri Rina Harun should have used its annual general assembly to raise concerns about cases of paedophilia and substance abuse in Kelantan. Over the past few years, police statistics suggest Kelantan is unfortunately gaining an unsavoury reputation as a hotbed for sex deviants and drug abuse.

On 14 March 2023, Chief Justice Tun Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat expressed worries that the number of sexual crimes against children registered with the Kota Bharu Sessions Court for 2022 was more than triple the number of sexual crimes involving adults.  Kelantan police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun added this figure was of cases registered at the sessions court, while the police have recorded a higher number of cases. The actual numbers of sexual offences against minors would definitely be higher given that not every victim would lodge a report out of fear, ignorance, or may not have access to transport to the police station.

To safeguard against paedophiles, Rina Harun could have recommended that Srikandi carries out seminars to teach adults and underaged persons on acceptable and unacceptable body touches, or how to say no to unwanted or unlawful advances, and to look out for signs of child grooming.

To address urban and rural poverty, Rina would have earned applause if she has suggested that Srikandi members volunteer to give tuition classes to the destitute and hardcore poor at Bersatu’s service centres, or even travelling to the kampungs to conduct these lessons.

The end results of such endeavours can contribute towards enhanced literacy, comprehension of school subjects, and in the long-term, narrow the schism between the rich and poor. Rather than targeting vernacular schools which can result with a more polarised Malaysia merely for the sake of diverting attention away from arrests and charges slapped on Bersatu’s top personalities for alleged corruption in relation to Jana Wibawa, Srikandi’s undertakings to tackle paedophilia and alleviate poverty would reflect altruism and encourage others to emulate similar activities.

As the former Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, her Ministry courted ridicule during the commencement of the Movement Control Order in 2020 when it released infographics urging wives to mimic Doraemon’s voice, laugh coyly, not to nag their husbands if they did something that bothered them, but to use humour instead. Another poster emphasised the importance of a woman's appearance, even if she is working from home. Rina also attracted flak after she held a photo shoot showcasing various outfits at the official minister's office.

By proposing methods to tackle sex abuse and helping addicts recover from substance misuse, Rina would have earned praise to overcome the criticisms she received as Women’s Minister.

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