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Maintaining a peaceful, harmonious Malaysia together

On Wednesday    21-09-2022 10:45:00

21 September 2022


Press statement by Wanita MCA Sabah Chairperson Datuk Dr. Pamela Yong

Maintaining a peaceful, harmonious Malaysia together


For years, I have known Prof Wong Chin Huat as a learned thinker, often contributing many useful ideas and insights useful for nation building. In fact, I frequently take time to listen in on the discussions featuring Prof Wong, especially about building a better nation and  a better Malaysia.

However, I was surprised and a little disappointed at his recent statements, which appears to sow the seeds of disunity and causes strains in our society.

To me, his claims that many Sabahans and Sarawakians wanted their states “kicked out” of Malaysia is inappropriate, further considering that we just celebrated the 59th Malaysia Day on 16 September a few days ago.

As a political analyst, he is free to put forth his views and opinions. Personally, I’m also glad that he showed concern for the welfare of Sabahans. However, in my opinion, it would be better if such controversial claims are supported by facts and figures, either from research done by himself or sourced from other agencies.

The freedom of speech is enshrined in the Federal Constitution for every citizen of Malaysia. However, such statements should not be thrown out wantonly and without caution due to a certain emotional ‘at that moment’ personal frustration of Prof Wong’s. Let us not fan the separatist flames because they serve no purpose except to divide and estrange us fellow Malaysians.

I respect Prof Wong’s freedom to voice out his opinions but he certainly does not speak for us fellow Sabahans and Sarawakians.

-MCA online-

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